What’s the best and simplest way to look lean and toned?


Here’s 3 Ways to get lean and Toned Body

To look lean, toned and healthy add in these simple (don’t make a big deal out of them) points below that will have a big impact on you right now!



Decrease calorie intake 

Alexandra Kovacs-Top nutritionist in Australia


Energy in- energy out. Eat a little bit less and move a little bit more. If you are just starting out, pick one thing to focus on for the week and put that into action. Eg. I’ll eat pre-made big salads for lunches everyday and make sure I only have rice or pasta with 3 meals this week.


Weight training

Alexandra's weight training


Start with lighter weights for more reps and focus on correct posture and alignment. Sets will look like:

  • Lower body: 4 x 20 reps for Leg press @ 50% of my bodyweight. 4 x 20 reps DB Step ups 4 x 20 reps Back Squats using an empty barbell. 50 walking lunges. 50 hip raises.
  • Upper body: 4 x 20 reps for DB Chest Press using a 3,4,5 kg Dumbells. 4 x 20 reps Seated row 3 x 20 reps Standing OH shoulder press. 50 pushups. 50 ab crunches.


Correct Body Posture

Correct Body Posture

Stand up straight with your shoulders back. Stop slouching and curving your spine. Stand up tall and confident. Correct Body Posture is very important for very women. Bad Posture can cause Back Pain and Body ache. Correct Posture helps you to develop strength, flexibility, and balance in your body.


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    Great Ways to look lean & toned !! Title Should be simple and best Get lean Workout. It short though straight forward

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