What are some instant mood-boosters to get your moving today!

What are some instant mood-boosters to get your moving today? Here’s 6 Quick Mood Boosters That Improve Mood And Energy instantly!!

  • Buy new workout clothes! Either high end at Lorna Jane or Cotton On Body- it REALLY does lift your mood and gives you an incentive to go and train. Doesn’t have to be a big investment but maybe set yourself an amount and go find something to inspire your training week.
  • Change in workout music. A change is a good as a holiday, so pick a new genre or different artist and see how that impacts your session.
  • Play a “pick me up song” before you go to the gym. Psych yourself up if you are not feeling motivated and blast a song to get your blood pumping.
  • Pick a class on your gym timetable today and commit to it, just going through the actions will help to motivate and energize. You’ll walk out of there feeling great.
  • Tell your partner you are training tonight. Telling something instantly makes you more accountable to your goals. Hey, you can tell the group if you want to!
  • Pick a time today and go for a walk. Whether that’s at lunch or as soon as you get home from work. Don’t overthink it- just go.

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