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A-Team Personal Training

PT training service

A-Team Personal training is my one on one personal training service. I aim to provide all my training principles, high quality training sessions and programs in a top quality client service.

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Evolution Y is  my online training platform that provides a 12 week technique based barbell strength & core conditioning program. Evolution is the gradual development of something, and my aim for the 12 weeks to help you progress


Strength Training Program

Strength Training for Women

Strength training by utilizing some form of resistance is a much better approach than focusing only on cardio if your goal is to achieve a toned, healthy physique. Research suggests that adding resistance training as part of your workout routine is a proven method for increasing Lean Body Mass and reducing body fat for women.


Weight Training Program

Change shape Experience Body Transformation

Our one of the most demanded and result oriented training program is  weight training programs. Each program is optimized for a specific outcome including general fitness, weight loss, body shaping, and sport-specific programs.


Core strength training

Enhance your Core strength

Core-strength exercises strengthen your core muscles, including your abdominal muscles, back muscles and the muscles around the pelvis. Strong core muscles make it easier to do many physical activities.

With 8 years industry experience as a personal trainer

I’ve been working in women’s health & fitness specializing in strength and weight loss transformation. I’ve helped many ladies, change their bodies and also their mindest and inner strength.

Weight Training

Weight training facilitates fat loss in a few different ways. For one, Weight training aids in the creation of more lean muscle mass. Higher amounts of lean muscle mass require an increased demand for energy expenditure, both during exercise and at rest.

Yoga Training

Mastery of yoga is attained with devotion, patience and sincere, uninterrupted and regular practice. In 2-5 weeks, students are healthier, stronger and feel more confident to commit to the yoga way of life. We offer yoga programs from Beginner to Teacher Training Courses throughout the year.

Strength Training

Strength training platform that provides a 12 week technique based barbell strength & core conditioning program.  Strength training improves muscle strength, power, endurance, and size. It also does the following: Reduces your body fat.

stretching and flexibility Training

Doing Stretching and flexibility training is just as important for a well-rounded fitness routine as strength and cardio work. Incorporating some stretching exercises into your workout schedule will help you improve flexibility, reduce tightness, and ultimately, make your workouts more efficient and safe.