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Alexandra Kovacs, Personal Trainer in Australia


Evolution definition: the gradual development of something.

The gradual development of strength, fitness and personal development is what I strive for within myself and for the clients I train. I love training people. I love movement and assessing where people are at right now and training them and taking them through to their personal Evolution.

When you are moving poorly in bad positions with weak technique, poor posture and using the incorrect muscles you will simply NOT GET the results you want no matter how hard you train.

To gain the body shape you want, to be healthy, fit, lean, strong and confident…
There is no easy way.
You have to want it.
You have to fully commit to doing the actions necessary deep down in your heart to get there.

This is where the Y comes into Evolution Y. WHY DO YOU WANT THIS?

What is your why, for training, for commiting to your goal, to working hard, to spending your money?
When you have your reason- your WHY, you have your internal drive, discipline and motivation. Knowing clearly the reasons behind your WHY should be your endless source of fuel for your motivation. This is your journey, your time and energy and YOUR life.

Evolution Y is the gradual development and change of your lifestyle.

My mission as a trainer for the last 9 years has been to educate, inspire and motivate to action my clients and their goals. I want to teach people how to squat better, how to use the barbell as an extremely effective training tool and for females not to be afraid of it.

I want to show you how to progress through a weight training program with an emphasis on technique, alignment as well as core conditioning Hiit training sessions.

Movement is my passion. I am here to help you.

  • 3 & 4 Fitness, Master trainer Australian Institute of Fitness
  • Barbell Course level 1, Functional Training Institute
  • Punchfit boxing certified
  • Pre and Post natal certified
  • Mat Pilates certified
  • Fitness Australia Registered Level 2
  • Certificate of Motivational Techniques, Cadence Health
  • Level 1 Bootcamp, Fitness Education Online
  • Functional Training certified, Kettlebells and TRX

My Training

  • 10 years ballet at professional schools in Brisbane & Melbourne with 3 years working with QNB company.
  • Australian Representative for ATOD syllabus in Hong Kong. Taught RAD and CSTD grades in both ballet and jazz.
  • Multiple 10km and 21km running events, Bridge to Brisbane, Twilight run.
  • Gatorade series triathlon Raby bay, 700m swim, 20km bike, 5km run. 2015
  • 96 km Kokoda trail event 36 hours, 2011
  • Runaways New Zealand holiday tour- 5 mountains, in 5 days, 2017
  • Cougars Weightlifting competition SN 40 kg CJ 56 kg 2017
  • 96km Kokoda trail event 26 hours, 2018
  • Glasshouse trail run 54 km 8 hours, 2018
  • Mt Glorious trail run 22 km 3.5 hours, 2019

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