EvolutionY - 12 week Body Transformation & Strength training Program

Evolution Y is  my online 12 week Body Transformation & Strength training platform that provides a 12 week technique based barbell strength & core conditioning program. Evolution is the gradual development of something, and my aim for the 12 weeks to help you progress to feeling more confident, more capable and a fitter stronger you.

It does not matter if you are a newbie or more experienced, this program will take you through the steps to actually change and improve your technique and core strength.

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12 weeks Training and get the Best Version of you!!!

Burn Calories

Low Calories help you in weight management and also build a stronger heart and lungs and help to reduce your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Correct Body Posture

Correct Body Posture is very important for very women. Bad Posture can cause Back Pain and Body ache. Correct Posture helps you to develop strength, flexibility, and balance in your body.

Enhance Mood

We all know regular exercise is good for the body. But also one of the most effective ways to improve your mental health.It also relieves stress, improves memory and enhance your mood.

Reduce Risk of Injury

Women should try to reduce the risk of injury because women have low bone density and weak ligaments as compared to men hence women body take more time to get well.

Reduce Back Pain

You may feel like resting, but moving is good for your back. Exercises for lower back pain can strengthen back, stomach, and leg muscles. They help support your spine, reduce back pain.

Reduce Stress

Exercise is also considered vital for maintaining mental fitness, and it can reduce stress. Regular Exercise is very effective at reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration

With 8 years industry experience as a personal trainer

I’ve been working in women’s health & fitness specializing in strength, weight loss and body transformation. I’ve helped many ladies, change their bodies and also their mindset and inner strength.