Having difficulty getting rid of fat I need certain areas? Wanting to build some muscle in a particular spot?

how to reduce weights from partcular part of body

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You can’t wish away your trouble zones and you can’t pick and choose where your body will lose the weight. Your body will naturally lose weight in no particular order. So the theory of ‘’  spot training’’ to target an area to lose weight is a myth. BUT what you can do is focus on building lean muscle in those trouble ares. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn when your at rest (burn more calories when your doing your normal day to day work, sitting around etc). That’s why athletes can intake more calories, to feed there higher metabolic rate due to their high muscle mass, and caloric exertion due to the sport.

So, focus on building muscle. You won’t end up looking massive! You will end up looking how you’d actually like to look-see lean, strong, toned.


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To highlight the ”trouble zone’’ of the wider part of the back on the shoulder blades here are some weighted exercises to do to target those muscles.

  • LAT Pulldown
  • Wide grip seated row
  • One Arm rows- focus on lower traps

Aim for 10-12 reps. Slow tempo. Focus on pulling your shoulders down away from your ears and your shoulders yelling down your back.


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