How to do a better lunge? 101 exercise breakdown


How to do lunges? 101 exercise breakdown to maximize lunges benefits


Lunges are actually a bit more advanced than people think. They are often done poorly with wobbles and nearly off balance. If not set up correctly you can put too much pressure on your kneecaps giving you pain and cause discomfort.

But lunges are a great exercise nonetheless! What you must keep in mind when you are performing your lunges is that your bodyweight should be evenly placed between the front and the back foot. Of course there are alternate variations but you have to be able to master a basic static (stationary lunge) before moving onto the variations.


How to do Perfect Lunges


In the pics above I am demonstration a static lunge and how you should go about setting the position up. You never want to just plonk yourself into a lunge and hope that you are on balance to sustain the balance and stability in the lunge position as you move in and out of it.


I get my beginners to use a towel to help you focus on your alignment. Roll your towel into a long noodle and start with your feet placed on either side directly underneath your hips. From there talk one leg directly back from the hip width position and set you lunges position on the ball of your back foot. By placing weight into the balls of the back foot you would have taken the centre line from your start position into the middle (straight through your belly button) placed in between both feet. BOTH feet push evenly as your perform your lunges.


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