Is Stress, Stressing You Out???

You may have heard it before that stress is no good for your health. No good for your heart, your skin, your hormones, your gut, and for your adrenal system. It causes high blood pressure, obesity, acne, menstrual problems, anxiety and depression.

No good. Yet why do we all let ourselves stress out?? In a weird way, your effort to always get things done, and be on top of the world IS ACTUALLY AFFECTING YOUR HEALTH.

Here’s a few things we can focus on to help find your calm. I encourage you to FIND ONE things that resonates with you that your can implement into your day to day. And set yourself the challenge to stick to it for 14 days straight.

I’m going to stick to 20 mins of at home yoga everyday. A quiet place that I can roll out my mat, light some incense and focus on the poses and the breath. Relax and stretch.

  • 20 mins of at home yoga/ stretching/ Follow along with a youtube video, or simply follow your own stretching routine.
  • 10 mins of reading. (not on a screen in an actually book)
  • No caffeine for 14 days.
  • 10-20 mins meditation everyday. Download a guided meditation app like Headspace.
  • Herbal tea with afternoon tea or after dinner.
  • Calming colouring books.
  • 10 mins of star gazing each night. (go outside and in the silence just sit there, look up, relax and clear the mind)
  • Have a hot shower before bed. (helps get you to sleep)
  • Turn the notifications off on your phone.

It’s the small things done consistently that will have the greatest impact.

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