Knee strengthening exercises to get rid of knee Pain & Have Strong Knees

So Here’s Knee Strengthening Exercises to get you Strong Knees and make your knee pain disappear. Let’s start:

Focus on your BACK knee in a lunge dropping straight down to the floor but without touching the floor. It should also not touch the towel, as you do not want you knees to roll inwards as you lunge. Knees rolling inwards are a sign of poor glute activation during your lunge.

The front on pics show a slight external rotation in the lunge position. Try thinking about slightly externally rotating (pushing the knees out) to avoid any collapse in the knee. This slight external knee drive will create MORE stability so therefore you will be able to balance better in your lunges. If you are really wobbly with your lunges it means you have near to no glute activation, poor core strength to maintain the torso position over your legs and probably general weakness to control the movement in the quads.

Hope This Will help you with your Knee Issues. Stay Connected for My next Blog

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