If you don’t have structure it’s going to be hard to lose weight. Structure and discipline are key components to a healthy approach to weight loss and active living. Having a proper Structure is very important for fitness. Having a proper Diet Structure, Proper workout Structure will Help you in getting Successful results.

Where could you improve your structure for healthy eating?

Having set meal times, set portion sizes, go-to easy to make meals, are all going to have a positive effect on whether you get to your goals on not. ‘’Winging it’’ and going day by day in terms of your structure for how and what you’re eating is MORE important than you think. When you decide to follow a structure whether it be bound by time, portions, ingredients it sets up a pattern that you are able to set and repeat. The multiple repeats of the same way and smart structure of eating is how you are going to lose weight. By living with consistent, daily actions.

Setting the food structure, repeating it daily will reward you the results, not the next week but after many weeks and months of repeating the same disciplines and behaviors. Being aware that that is what is going to get you to ultimate results is internal or intrinsic motivation. When you are intrinsically motivated you are moved by and internal force and drive within you to change, grow and adapt towards your goals.

This is vital for long term success and the long term results that your desire. Understand that it is not going to come from the next blitz diet but from consistently implementing your structure and discipline of your healthy eating and active lifestyle.

So I ask you again. Where could you improve on your food structure?

Start there. Identify where you need make the changes to:

  • improve your health
  • lose weight
  • build lean muscle mass
  • improve your gut health
  • eat for a specific dietary requirement such as diabetes, Crohn’s, IBS, Celtic, food intolerance.

Then get even more specific and ask yourself, if you could pick ONE area that you think you are going wrong with in your current diet and way of eating- what would that be?

Examples could be:

  • overeating
  • drinking alcohol everyday
  • not eating vegetables or enough of a variety
  • not drinking enough water
  • eating too much bread
  • eating junk food as snacks
  • having a can of soft drink with lunch
  • indulging in work morning teas, birthdays, events and social occasions on the regular.
  • not eating enough and skipping meals

This is a GREAT place to start. Deep down you know what you need to change.

You may need some help and guidance to get portions for macros and micro nutrients sorted and maybe some meal ideas and motivation to get those changes happening. But if you can identify that these changes have to be made and set in a structure you are halfway there. In order for you to create the discipline and then to maintain your motivation, you must remain to consistent and repeat. Time you will change your diet for the betterment of YOUR HEALTH.

Have some courage. You can do it. Don’t over complicate it. It is as easy or as hard as YOU MAKE IT.

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