Slooowww Progress on the scales

Feeling like progress is going slow for your weight loss results that you wanted yesterday! It’s definitely hard when that scale just isn’t budging or its moving down very slowly.

I’d ask you firstly STOP being so harsh on yourself! This isn’t the biggest loser where you have 8 hours a day to solely focus on training and healthy eating. Real life is a full on commitment to your weight loss efforts and you may have a few moments where you go off track. My advice to you would be- how long did it take you to put that weight on? I’m guessing it didn’t just happen over a fortnight, so be kind to yourself and remember it’s not going to come off that quickly either. Give yourself time. And be strong enough to remain consistent to your weight loss goal through those periods where the scales are not showing all the hard work you have put in for that particular week. Because you know what, if you remain consistent through the down times you will come out the other side feeling like you can actually do this. Sticking at it, and keeping your big picture goal in frame is super important.

Don’t be afraid that things aren’t moving on the scale, it may also be an indication that it’s time to shake things up in terms of your training routine or your diet. Your body adapts really quickly to a routine so changing your training especially can be just what you need to kick-start the change on the scale again.

Other things that you could look into if your weight isn’t moving on the scale:

  • Any hormonal changes: periods, skin,hair, moods.
  • Stress: emotional and physical stress has an important role to play on your adrenal glands.
  • Dietary changes: have you change anything recently that may be asking your body retain more fluids, inflammation to certain foods.
  • Water intake: if you are not drinking enough water (not water included in tea or coffee- plain water) you may be retaining what fluids your body is getting and not allowing your body to flush out necessary toxins etc.
  • Irregular bowel movements: looking at fibre intake, increase vegetables with lunch and dinner.

The most important thing to remember is that you didn’t the suddenly JUST become overweight, so it’s going to take time to get the weig

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