How to get yourself motivated and achieve Perfect Body Transformation

What is motivation? How can you Gear up your motivation and Start working for Perfect Body transformation?


What gets you stirred up, angry, energized, invigorated or inspired to get you butt off the couch and actually change. What are the decisions and the thought process’ that takes you from unfit, unhealthy and unhappy to feeling fit, strong and confident with your body?


Is it a feeling you can describe? Is it something you already do? What gets you motivated?


Think about what it’s actually going to take for you to get up and start changing your body- what are you going to have to sacrifice? Time or money? Do you have to set aside your ego and pride and own up to the position you have let yourself be placed in? Do you have to be accountable to someone, a gym buddy, a partner, trainer? Do you have to step up to the plate and let go of internal pressure you put on yourself to be better, be fitter and be thinner? Do you think you need more confidence before starting?


Whatever is hijacking your motivation and your healthy lifestyle- let it go. These are boundaries and perimeters that you are creating and you are keeping yourself from actually getting the results you want to.


Find your motivation.


Motivation in the SHORT TERM: music to get your pumped before and during your training session or getting new workout gear. Motivation in the LONG TERM: more of your internal need/drive/passion to change, learn, grow, hit goals etc.


My motivation is personal. It’s not to be better than the next person. It’s about always and constantly do better, and be better than myself. I am in a constant battle to keep pushing my physical and mental limits.


Just Stay motivated and keep pushing your physical and mental limits

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  • Sarah

    Amazing Blog!! Lets stay motivated & positive ????

  • Nayeon

    You are not just amazing trainer but also great fitness blogger.. I’ll look forward for your next blog and great tips to achieve Perfect Body transformation !!

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