What type of cardio training do you enjoy doing?

Cardio doesn’t have to be something that’s a chore or unpleasant. I think when people don’t like cardio it can sometimes mean they don’t like getting sweaty, they don’t want to step up the intensity or they don’t want to run!

Instead of the negatives- focus on what you can gain out of doing a really good cardio session. At First you feel GREAT afterwards. You will also have a really good mental escape, so it can be good to get out of your head and just do it. You will get fitter and burn calories. Winning????

Firstly cardio does NOT have to be in the gym. PLAN to go for a walk/run and use an app like MAP MY RUN to help you keep track and accountable.

You could also go for a swim, remember back to that time at school when you used to go and do laps and learn how to swim. Why not get a kick board and some flippers and make swimming laps part of your training routine. I add swimming back in, every summer to increase my cardio load output.

Then of course you have all your classes you get a the big box gyms like- pump, RPM, body attack, boxing, bootcamps. These are great if you KNOW you can get lazy. You can schedule what classes you like into your weekly routine and make sure you stick to it.

Lastly you have your cardio equipment at the gym. This is a REALLY GOOD PLACE to start if you are starting back to exercise after time off. 10 mins on each machine- done. Also keep in mind you can set yourself up a circuit with kettlebells, slams balls, rope slams, tyre flips and body weight exercises and train yourself in some high intensity intervals.

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